Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Burrito Files at Park(ing) Day!

Join The Burrito Files at Tucson's first Park(ing) Day this Friday, September 19th.

The Burrito Files will set up shop with its NEW burrito cart in the public parking space in front of Dinnerware Artspace @ 264 E. Congress. The block between 5th Ave and Arizona Alley will feature 4 Park(ing) Day spaces hosted by The Burrito Files, NEW ARTiculations Dance Theatre, Preen, and Maxed Art (times will vary per space).

6AM - 6PM

Come by to check out the cart, submit YOUR burrito file, sit and shmooze, and enjoy our city's public spaces.

If downtown Tucson was a burrito, what would be in it? The Burrito Files contributes to a thriving and creative downtown Tucson by asking everyday folks their ideas and experiences related to downtown.

You can check out past responses here.

Find a map of all Tucson Park(ing) Day Spots here (The Burrito Files is listed as a Dinnerware spot).

Park(ing) Day original concept by REBAR.

The Burrito Files is supported by the Tucson Pima Arts Council.

Burrito Cart Design & Construction Team:
Julie Ray, Head Honcha
Titus Castanza, Chief Engineer
Prasenjit Ray, Paint Engineer

In-kind support from Thomas Harrington and Dinnerware Artspace

1 comment:

Titus Castanza said...

I like the in-progress pics you listed! Thanks. All hail The Burrito Cart!!!!!!

Titus Castanza