Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Burrito Files - Noreen & Greg

Are you a Tucson native? If not, where are you from? No, originally from Ohio.
What are you doing downtown today? enjoying being outside and looking at art
Describe downtown in 3 words or less? authenticity, culture / drab, unimaginative, needs leadership
If downtown Tucson was a burrito what would be in it? Trader Joe's, colorful architecture, walking / Rialto, Rattlesnake Bridge, Fox Theatre
Have any significant events in your life happened in downtown? Great music. One time we were at a Leon Russell concert at the Rialto and the lights went off just as he came on. Everyone was sweating because the AC went off. When the lights went back on everyone cheered.
Photo & interview by Julie Ray, 9/27/08

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