Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Burrito Files - Saumya

Are you a Tucson native? No. Dehli, India, then Philadelphia, then Ithaca, then Chicago, then Houston, then Ann Arbor, then Tucson.
What are you doing downtown today? Checking out the "Rooted in Place" exhibit
Describe downtown in 3 words or less? sparkling, open, less traveled
If downtown Tucson were a burrito what would be in it? turquoise jewelry, refried beans, palm fronds, Prius, breakfast Migas
Have any significant events in your life happened in downtown? We learned about fake food!!
Interview by Saumya Vanderwyst, Photos by Prasenjit Ray at Rooted in Place opening, Arts Incubator Gallery, 12/05/08

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Anonymous said...

The pics came out great! I get a copy! How was Rome?